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QPM Principles
8 Principles of Quantum Profit Management

Principle #1:

You're Making More Money than You Know

Every company has significant internal profits that are being diverted awy from the bottom line. In fact, most companies only 20-25% of the profit they make to the bottom line.

Principle #2:

Manage on Net Profit

Use Net Profit for decision-making — gross margin rate is not related to actual profitability and will lead to losses.

Principle #3:

Financial Averages Mask Reality

Dig deep — financial averages mask what's really going on.

Principle #4:

Measure and Evaluate at the Quantum Level

Break down the business into logical chunks and measure profit at the the invoice line level for better evaluation.

Principle #5:

Understand and Manage Service Models

Design profitable service models that match each segment's Gross Profit budget to their transaction costs.

Principle #6:

Manage the Deltas

Driving profit improvements is the key to competitive dominance .

Principle #7:

Price Intelligently for Optimum Profits

Intelligent Pricing injects pricing discipline and captures money that's "left on the table".

Principle #8:

Align Goals & Incentives with Net Profit

Design incentive plans so you have the motivators to bring everone on board.

QPM Slide Deck

Click here for 8 QPM Principles Powerpoint slide deck.