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#29 Moneyball is at the Movies. Go to Itasca Instead. — "Moneyball" is the film depicting how analytics got the Oakland A's to the top of the league.
#28 Transition Reps From Margin $ To Net Profits — Incenting reps on margin dollars will reward some old and new business that is unprofitable.
#27 Zero Errors: Fast, Easy & Profitable — Many distribution branches did not get breakthrough quality results when it was the craze in the '80's.
#26 Do More of What Works! — Too many companies are reacting to the weak economy by reflexively flogging the sales force to get new customers.
#25 Profit Improvement Barriers Have Fallen — Trying harder at the past doesn't have a future. What profit improvement steps can you take immediately
#24 Stop Losing Profits — The fastest way to improve profits is to transform losing customers into profitable ones.
#23 Escape Commodity Hell — Are you selling mostly commodities and not feeling any improvement in the economy?
#22 Crummy Economy Masks Opportunity — Small business America is bumping along the new, flat bottom of the "new-frugal" US economy
#21 Questions, Guidelines and New Formulas Drive New Profits — Most firms are stuck fine-tuning 25-50 year-old practices — answers to yesterday's questions that are irrelevant to today's conditions — and their results are about what you'd expect.
#20 Channel Economics Falling Down — Full-line product manufacturers—from commodities to specialties—have channel problems. In the old order, a few key products generated the bulk of the line's profits
#19 Turn Losing Channel-Partner Costs Into Mutual Gains — When you apply cost-to-serve analytics to your business, the big profit / loss cross-subsidies with both your customers and suppliers are easy to see.
#18 Sales Rep Incentives Based On Customer Net Profit? — "Sales Compensation Incentives" always sparks debate amongst distribution execs. What are the pros, cons and blind spots
#17 Think Big, Act Small, Fail Forward With Brilliant Mistakes — What's the best mantra for re-inventing better profits? The title above is my favorite and here is why and how:
#16 Selling Best Practices To and Through Branch Managers — A distribution-chain CEO ranks the branches by financial-performance, and then chats with branch managers with weaker results. Does this sound familiar?
#15 Turn-Around Tools & Techniques — Is business volume in your channel off 20% or more and not coming back soon?
#14 Resolutions for 2010 — After the most challenging 18 months in decades, and with domestic industries 20-50% below their peaks
#13 Score and Boost Your Corporate IQ — Find out how well you do when you consider your corporate information and action strategies.
#12 The Eight Principles of QPM — The new martial art of Quantum Profit Management codifies the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients in the technology framework of the present and future.
#11 Too Many Items & Suppliers — Take action to reverse unprofitable inventory and line expansion to free up cash and and drive up profits in a way that fast, easy and accessible.
#10 Customer Profitability Analysis Paralysis — Too often, companies get bogged down in the details of profit analysis and miss the opportunity diferential themselves using this valuable tool.
#9 Smart Sales Growth — Be wary of price-driven attempts to win new business. Use a smarter strategy to get real gains you can take to the bank.
#8 Gross Margin Management Drives Losses — By over-focusing on margin percentage and not knowing the CTS, distributors lose money in predictable, consistent ways.
#7 Align Sales Comp with Company Goals — Companies that are already doing this are out-performing their peers by significant margins—even in a crummy economy.
#6 Opportunity of a Lifetime! — You may not realize it yet, but we're on the threshold of a once-in-a-generation opportunity!
#5 High-ROTA Management is Key — Get started on a Hi-ROTA Management program to get clear of the bank.
#4 Beyond Best Practices — For over 25 years, "best practices" has been big, giving lots of "efficiency / quality improvements." Now take it to the next level with Quantum profit Management.
#3 Measure & Manage Cross-Subsidies — The weak economy is forcing companies to turn to new information technologies that reveal and isolate money-losing segments for reform or ejection.
#2 What is "Cost-to-Serve" — "Cost-to-Serve" (CTS) is simply the total cost of delivering your envelope of goods and services to your clients. Since profit is what's left when CTS is spent out of Gross Profit (GP), you'll want to ensure CTS (in every segment) is lower than GP.
#1 Financial Averages Hide Profits — The financial profit we're all familiar with is an aggregate that averages all subsidiary elements — items, orders, customers and suppliers — (both profitable and unprofitable) into a single number.